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The movie 777 Charlie released in June 2022 but the Hindi Version of the film and the OTT Release Date of 777 Charlie has generated some rave response among the cinema lovers. The film was originally made in Kannada language. 

In this blog article, we will be dealing with the 5 Reasons to Watch 777 Charlie in upcoming days because you will be truly blown away by the simplicity of the movie and the offerings of the narrative. 

Synopsis of the Movie

So the film 777 Charlie, revolves around the man named Dharma who has been depicted as the guy who is well known for his Cigarettes, Idli, Chutney and the beer. Trust you me, he looks like a total baffled guy who has seen a lot of things in his life and is still undergoing a traumatic life. 

One fine day, the dog named ‘Charlie’ comes into his life and both of them share a prolific bond with each other over a period of time. Off – course things weren’t smooth as generally the stereotypical movies look like. It is not the kind of film, in which a pet comes into the picture and everything seems settled in the protagonist’s life. 

Kudos to the filmmaker and the writers of the film who took such a complex subject matter and defined a particular narrative in such a simplistic manner. In Indian cinema, Animal – Human relationship movies are not depicted in a manner where 777 Charlie wants you to take. 

Then both Dharma and Charlie decided to go on a journey where you will be witnessing some extraordinary moments and a brilliant cinematography work justifies it all. It is a series of things, where more of an eternal bond formation will be showcased between the two protagonists of the film. One is of course Rakshit Shetty and the other one is the Labrador Puppy (who definitely deserves an extra round of applause). 

Crew of 777 Charlie

Director Kiranraj K
ProducerG.S. Guptha and Rakshit Shetty
MusicNobin Paul
CinematographyArvind Kashyap
Editing Pratheek Shetty
WriterKiranraj K and K.N. Vijay Kumar
GenreComedy, Drama and Adventure
Duration 2 h 44 mins
Important Crew of 777 Charlie

Now we will be discussing the 5 Major Reasons to Watch 777 Charlie ?

Fresh Storyline

The film is packed with a brilliant storyline which is more relatable to the present scenario. It is evident of a fact that Rakshit Shetty aka Dharma in the movie is dealing with certain issues which have not been overlooked by the makers of the film. The issues and the facial expression follows an undertone approach while depicting the entire narrative of 777 Charlie. 

Not for once, you will be feeling an urge to jump off your couch and miss this beautiful storyline for a fraction of a second. The film is articulated in a manner which looks fresh and engaging with a punch of realism attached to it. 

It is not a normal offering, but truly a special film which needs a special recommendation to watch out. 


As already discussed in the above point, the engagement rate of the movie ‘Charlie 777’ is not so engrossing that you cannot miss it for a second. The run time of the film is about 2 Hours and 44 Mins which is a lot to ask out for where the people’s attraction is hard to find out. 

In that domain, the apt screenplay wins everyone’s heart and beautifully craves out the message of the film. 


Rakshit Shetty is a known artist, but after watching Charlie in the film 777 Charlie, I am sure you will fall in love with the cute Labrador and will not forget this character for a very long time. 

The stargazing eyes, stature, warmth and affection – Charlie shows it all. If you are not at all a pet lover then too you will fall in love with Charlie after watching a spectacular screen presence of the Labrador. 

Charlie and Dharma have something in them. Both cannot be treated as separate individuals but can be viewed as the Heart and Soul of the entire film and storyline. 

The way in which Charlie was standing at the cliff and Dharma says that – ‘Do you love me Charlie, the hug that Charlie gave to Dharma is so much filled with warmth and comfort, to that Dharma replied I Love you too.’ The slight tears in the eyes after watching the film will say it all. 


Coming to the technical aspect about the film, the Director of Photography Arvind Kashyap has done some fantastic camera work in order to showcase the film. The shot taking is spot on and the visuals are truly magnificent to watch out for. The lighting work stands out as some of the scenes depict the natural vibrant look filmed with ease which defines the realistic shot taking technique by the cinematographer. Shots of Charlie and Dharma are worth watching especially seeing through the eyes of the DOP. 

Kudos for delivering such fantastic camera work. 

charlie 777

High on Emotions

Everything is secondary, but the Emotions on which the film 777 Charlie has been carved out truly creates magic. The film ending coupled with Dharma and Charlie connection will make your heart go for a toss. 

I am sure, if you hide your tears then it will be a difficult task for you to hide it in front of your loved ones. The film deals with a lot of things and shooting with the pet is not at all an easy task.

It requires a lot of precision, agility, patience and temperament – but everything is so raw that not for a second it will seem like a film. It will feel like a real emotion flowing out in this movie. 

The movie deserves a round of applause for delivering such content like this. A must watch film which will be soon streaming on the OTT Platforms. 

Star Cast of 777 Charlie

  • Rakshit Shetty
  • Charlie
  • Sangeetha Sringeri 

OTT Release Date  

The film original Kannada language 777 Charlie has been released on Voot App on 29th of June, 2022 and currently streaming on Jio Cinema App. The film is available on Rental Mode on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi which has been charged at 129 INR for the High – Definition (HD) quality. 

777 Charlie Box Office Collection 

According to the media sources, the film 777 Charlie has crossed the box office collection of 100 crore mark which is a rare sight for a movie like 777 Charlie India. This is a landmark film which delivers what it promised. The budget of the film was around 15 Crore. This makes a win – win position for the film and the entire cast and crew of the movie. 


The film 777 Charlie is a beautiful written and acted film which is like a blossom for the cinema lovers. The bar which is set up by the KGF Series in the Kannada Film Industry, has been nicely raised by the efforts of 777 Charlie. The film deserves a round of applause. Cinema knows no language, be it in Kannada or in Hindi it is a masterpiece which has every element of telling the story in a simplistic manner that too with an impact. A Must Watch Film. 


It’s impossible to hold back your tears while watching this movie. 

Updates on Tiku Weds Sheru –

Where can I watch 777 Charlie movie in Hindi?

777 Charlie can be watched on Amazon Prime Video on Rental Services at 129 INR.

Is 777 Charlie a hit or flop?

777 Charlie is a Hit Flip

Is Charlie 777 a happy ending story?

The ending of the film is sad and depends accordingly.

In which Ott 777 Charlie movie is available?

In Kannada Language, it is available on Voot and Jio Cinema. In Hindi it is available on Rental services on Amazon Prime Video. 

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