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adipurush 2023

Top 5 reasons in discussion why Adipurush failed miserably in the eyes of Bollywood viewers. The film released on 16th of June with a hype but soon after the first show, the rage of negative reviews derailed the Modern Day depiction of the Epic Ramayana. 

Many people showed their disappointment towards the movie including AICWA and big names like Mukesh Khanna.

All over India people are criticizing Adipurush for featuring Ramayana like gaming characters and playing with Hindu sentiments. To the fact, the VFX of the movie looks so childish and cartoon oriented that the film Adipurush has left with a disappointing series of disappointment. 

People believed that Adipurush by Manoj Muntasir Shukla and Om Raut deeply hurt the sentiments of viewers and have portrayed the story upside down which makes no sense either. 

adipurush 2023
adipurush 2023

Star Cast of Adipurush

  • Kriti Sanon as Janaki
  • Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh
  • Prabhas as Raghav
  • Devdutta Nage as Bajrang
  • Vatsal Sheth as Indrajeet (as Vatsal Seth)
  • Sunny Singh as Shesh
  • Siddhant Karnick as Vibhishana
  • Sonal Chauhan as Mandodari
  • Krishna Kotian as Dasharatha
  • Trupti Toradmal as Vibhishana’s wife

Let’s understand what are the top 5 points Why Adipurush failed Miserably

Directors and Dialogue writer combination- Om Raut and Manoj Muntashir failed Adipurush


The dialogue written in the movie by Manoj Muntashir is nothing but a disappointment. Including the direction of Om Raut.

The dialogue has nothing to do with the original narration of Ramayana and the emotions of Lord Rama or Maa Sita played by Prabhas and Kriti Sanon.

The dialogue during the Lanka Dehan has been slammed by the audience and people have also quoted- the movie to be the worst of all time, they have watched.

The dialogue is so dissatisfactory and offensive and words are used like “tere baap ki” by Lord hanuman. The role of Ravana by Saif Ali Khan is again very disrespectfully casted by the director Om Raut

Above all in all the depiction of Ramayana, the film doesn’t find the relativity which will engage the audience for once except for the Music which was delivered by the talented duo Ajay – Atul. 

Illogical Movie and plots 

Reason number 2 out of the top 5 reasons why Adipurush failed miserably is the illogical movie and its plot. 

The day since the movie was released the audience are bashing the movie and saying it’s a blunder and it should be boycotted by everyone. 

In exchange the movie director Om Raut has discounted the ticket price hoping to take business out of Adipurush after the negative word of mouth. 

Fans slam the movie because of it’s cringe dialogues

Lord Hanuman has been featured in Fear and the dialogue given to lord hanuman is offensive.

Lord Rama has nothing to do with Prabhas playing a polite and intellectual role by Prabhas, It’s very disappointing to say that Prabhas is still not over Bahubali and Saaho casting. Not for once, Prabhas looks promising and elegant while playing Raghav in the film Adipurush. 

The depiction of Ravana as Lankesh which has been portrayed by Saif Ali Khan, is a serious cause of disappointment. Till date the epic character of Ravana has been depicted as the intellectual with some serious brain capabilities. The writer of the movie Manoj Muntashir Shukla has written the character of Lankesh in an awful manner. He drives with a pre – conceived notion that it is about Ravana then he has to be bad. 


adipurush 2023
adipurush 2023

This has gone into the haywire sort of situation. In order to please the audience Manoj has done the biggest blunder of his life till date. Now he is justifying the fact that the film Adipurush is heavily influenced by Ramayana, not an adaptation, which makes things even worse for him being the spokesperson of the film.

Meghnath is also on the wrong side of dialogue with full body tattoo, 

The Ravan’s Lanka has shown in all black like Charcoal featuring Harry Potter black them and no gold at all.

Nothing is in place, including the casting of Prabhas and the costumes of every other character. 

In the eye of audience who has done the advance booking of this movie Adipurush flop miserably.

Trending boycott Adipurush twitter by a lot of fans since the day this movie has been released i.e 16 june 2023


Hurting the Sentiments 

Mainly talking on Manoj Muntasir Shukla writing and Om Raut of Adipurush Direction, has undoubtedly hurt the sentiments of majority of Indians, especially Hindu’s who are very respectful towards their religion and admire Ramayana like a lifestyle.

Hindu is sensed to be a style of living on the scale, degrading their emotions with such kind of irrelevant and illogical dialogues and casting is very hurtful to witness when in place.

The original dilemma of Ramayana is far away from what has been seen in the Adipurush movie.

Every other person is asking to boycott Adipurush and feeling disheartened about the movie plotting and for not getting banned

Previously it has been witnessed by many of us to boycott several movie because of illogical statements, but in Adipurush the offensive creation toward emotions seems not to get this movie banned and that is more hurtful to watch it happening on our respective country and bollywood industry who used to claim to be the defender of our history of Ramayana and the hindu religion as a whole.


Arrogance – after movie comments

The arrogance of Manoj Muntasir Shukla has been clearly seen after the movie when he stated different statement every different time

From saying that “lord hanuman was not god, we made him god by worshipping him

To My grandmother used to tell me the ramayana the same way I narrated the story in the movie


Every statement by Manoj Muntasir seems to be very disappointing that people are asking to ban and boycott adipurush

This all Seems like Manoj Muntasir has not read Ramayana at all while making this 600 crore budget film.

The proper research is required before planning for such a religious movie like Adipurush – taking care of sentiments of beloved devotees of Ramayana is crucially important. 

But unfortunately Om Raut and Mr.Shukla forgot to keep that in mind while taking out their slipper before writing the dialogue of Adipurush

Like muntasir said “there is various version of the ramayana, and he has taken one part of it, but as a viewer I cannot find any of them in the Adipurush

Saying that to keep one seat vacant in theatres for lord hanuman is not taking care of religious sentiments but to respect the originality and dignity of realistic Ramayana is.

Unfortunately every other person who is involved in the movie has forgotten that.


VFX and 600 crore movie facade

The Adipurush movie alone is running on the centric hype of VFX which is said to be very similar looking from marvel’s movie of hollywood industry. People showed that the VFX is overly used in the movie even when it was not at all required.

Majority of VFX is copied from different hollywood movie including King Kong, Superman, Game of thrones, Marvels, DC etc

Even the emotional scene of the movie is disturbed by the use of VFX. 

I think the main concentration was in creating the VFX centric movie and less on reading Ramayana to get the idea what the real story of lord ram and sita is all about and what value of simplicity it holds.


All in all the movie Adipurush, went all misfired and nothing is working well for the movie except the music of Ajay – Atul. The 600 Crore movie fell short on Script, Performances, Narration, and on VFX as well. For example, no one dared to depict Bali and Sugreva the way they are looking in the movie. The overall logic and sentiments are missing in the film which marks the disaster for Adipurush.

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Is Adipurush hit or flop?

Adipurush is not expected to be hit at box office, after the 1st week collection the movie drastically failed to get back the trust of audience by the negative word of mouth

What is Adipurush Box Office Collection Prediction?

The number is less to touch the mark of 600 crore, which means that the film will find difficulty in skyrocketing its box office collection.

Is adipurush hit or flop worldwide?

Adipurush is likely to be a flop movie worldwide because of negative word of mouth and hurting the sentiments of public

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